Kitchen – The Ultimate Source of Combustible Liquids at Home

By | February 16, 2017

Fire can simply happen with a simple spark when all of its elements are present. The three elements of fire are fuel, oxygen and heat. When these three elements interact, it results to ignition and combustion. As a result, you can now have a way to cook your meals at home, light up your cigarette or even warm your house through burning wood.

However, it can be dangerous when the presence of one or two elements is enormous. As the heat rises, it can explode when there is enough fuel and oxygen to keep the fire going. Sometimes it leads to combustion or explosion that is very harmful to any person. Have you ever seen a gasoline station explode, that is how dangerous it looks like. Many people can get killed in situations like this. However, keep in mind that these things do not happen only in public establishments. You can be a victim in your own home if you do are not careful with handling fire.

Remember that you also use gas at home. Therefore, anytime there is a leak in that gas, a simple spark can start the fire. One of the areas in your home wherein you need to be extra careful is your kitchen. Because of its known incidences, you can keep a kitchen fire extinguisher. You can use it in cases when fire results from oil or other combustible liquids.

You can also prevent fire from happening. All you have to do is to do a regular check up on your pipes to see if they are still tight. You also need to do this to make sure that there is no leak or hissing sound coming out of it. At times when you hear hissing sounds, turn off any sources of flames like candles and stop twisting the knobs of your stovetop. Also when cooking, you have to be careful not to smoke oil. Different sources of oil have their smoking point. Once they reach this, it could lead to combustion. That is why avoid overheating them because you can not put out the flames by simply using water. You can injure yourself by doing this. Therefore, do not think that if you keep on using oil at high temperatures, you can cook your food faster. Definitely, you should learn how to manipulate the temperature. If you feel that it is already too hot, as this can emanate on your skin, then lower down the temperature.

It only proves that owning a kitchen fire extinguisher can be your partner in cases of fires at home. However, it should be used with precaution as well, because the tanks are pressurized. You do not want it to be exposed to heat. It also needs maintenance so that in any case that you will use it, it becomes reliable. When using it, remember the technique to use, Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep. Just do not try to fight fire if you do not know what you are doing. It is also imperative that you know exactly how to use the extinguisher and assess well the situation before putting out. In worst cases, you can call for help because this might be the best option.

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