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By | February 16, 2017

So you've decided to redesign your kitchen, and you're looking into themes, budgets, and contractors just like any other homeowner. But if you have not been in the loop, you may be surprised at the range of designs now on offer. Do you go for an edgy modern kitchen or stick to the basics? Which one will suit your budget and lifestyle? If all the options are leaving you confused, here's a guide to some of the most common kitchen design themes and what they're like.

Traditional: A traditional American kitchen keeps things simple and utilitarian, but adds decorative touches whenever possible. Here, the "work triangle" rule is more prominent: the sink, stove, and refrigerator form an imaginary triangle where most of the work happens. Use this if you're a come-and-go cook who likes to keep things fast and efficient.

Country: Country kitchens are making a comeback after the straight, rigid designs that ruled the market these past few years. This theme is all about going back to basics. Lots of wood and warm light add a cozy glow to the kitchen, and natural materials such as stone and hardwood keep things sweet and simple.

Minimalist: If you have a large kitchen , try emphasizing that space with a minimalist kitchen design. Minimalist kitchens create the illusion of space by flushing most, if not all, of the items against the wall and leaving the central area blank, except for a small kitchen island if necessary. Neutral colors such as black and white are beautifully contrasted with splashes of color on the tile, walls, or countertops.

Classical: Ornate designs and intricate details are the main elements of classical design. Try replacing your cabinet doors with rich carved wood, or adding curved metal handles to cupboards and drawers. Use strong, warm lights and set it off with elaborate fixtures. If you have any kitchen furniture, go for wood or at least faux wood, preferably in a deep, varnished color.

Modern: Like most modern designs, a modern kitchen incorporates elements from several other themes. The key concept is customization: your kitchen should be customized to suit your lifestyle and personal tastes. Some must-have elements include natural elements, fast, user-friendly kitchen gear, and a smooth overall feel that's easy to clean and maintain.

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