Kitchen Design – The Golden Triangle

By | February 17, 2017

If you're new to the world of kitchen design then you might not have heard of the Golden Triangle theory, but you certainly will soon enough. So here's the lowdown to ensure you will not look dazed and confused when confronted with the lingo.

The Golden Triangle is a theory that underpins kitchen design layout, ensuring that you create a functional space that operates like it should and not just an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that is nightmare to work in. To achieve the Golden Triangle you group the three things you use in your kitchen the most together. In the majority of kitchens, the positioning of these three objects normally creates three points in the shape of a triangle – hence the 'Golden Triangle' theory.

When your design is complete, you should find it easy to carry out your day-to-day kitchen tasks because the things you use most often are all within easy reaching distance and not at opposite ends of the room.

Interestingly, the Golden Triangle is not always a triangle. Some people have kitchens with everything pinned up against one wall, often referred to as the 'Galley kitchen design'. With this shape kitchen, it is obviously an impossibility to create a triangle, but the same principles should still apply. Group the appliances you use the most close together to minimise the amount of ground you have to cover to achieve the simplest tasks – its just common sense really.

The 'Golden Triangle' theory is not a definitive guide That works for every Reviews kitchen design , but the foundations of the theory are On worth taking note of. Plan carefully, think logically and use your common sense. Do not get so carried away with how you want your kitchen to look that you forget about the fundamental purpose of the room.

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