Kitchen Design – Laminate Materials Make For an Ideal Kitchen

By | February 16, 2017

There are always several different avenues that you can pursue when you're looking at the different materials to compliment your kitchen designs, but when you start planning the high traffic areas like kitchen worktops, laminate is a clear front runner.

One of the reasons that laminate is a popular choice lies in the durable construction of this robust material. Laminate worktops are generally bonded to particle board with some manner of adhesive or glue. This allows the product a good degree of resiliency as well as allowing for a wide range of surface finishes and colors.

An additional benefit is that worktops made from this material clean up easily and spills on these worktops are quickly mopped up and also they do not chip as easily if subject to impacts from kitchen utensils and pots.

Once you've decided on the material, you'll need to design the kitchen using the laminate worktops as a focal point, and it's important to keep in mind that the best kitchen designs start by taking into account how the kitchen is used on a daily basis. It important that you take a look at how the traffic flows around the cabinets and appliances during different parts of the day and make allowances for this as part of your design.

Floor Plans
You can start at the beginning with a floor plan depending on the room layout and there are generally three different choices that you have that are the most common and have proven themselves to be the ones that work the best. Remember as you go along here that laminate is a flexible material that can be cut in to a variety of designs to accommodate kitchen worktops, cabinets as well as laminate flooring.

The most basic of the floor plans that you can choose from starts with what's aptly called the one wall plan. As the name suggests, this is the model where all the appliances and cabinets are against one wall. For convenience sake this is a popular model, but there are other plans that incorporate more elaborate designs.

For example, the galley and L-shaped kitchen breaks up the appliance / cabinets configuration and the peninsula kitchen has an open wall.

The Work Triangle
Another advantage to using laminate for the kitchen worktops comes about when you start designing the work triangle. This is the area that's defined as the spaces between the sink the stove and the refrigerator. Having lots of space to keep things on laminate countertops while you work in this area keeps thing flowing nicely.

Of course worktops and flooring are not the be all and end all of kitchen design so there are other considerations that are important as well. You need to include a lightning design for the kitchen that will allow for enough illumination in these work spaces. As well you need to decide on the correct number and size of the electrical outlets that you'll have in the kitchen.

When you keep in mind that the modern kitchen is all about versatility and efficiency, you'll see how a good design that includes kitchen worktops covered with easy to clean laminate is the answer.

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