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How To Keep Sex Hot Within A Marriage

You can burn down the house long after the honeymoon passion has cooled. If the truth be known, most married people would just as soon stay married. They’d love to keep having hot sex with their spouses, and for as long as possible. They’d love to avoid tumbling into some tawdry affair, with all its… Read More »

Glass Shelves Or Wood Shelves – Which Is Better For You?

Since there are so many types of shelves and bookcases available on the market today, a lot of people are unsure which is better, and why. Here we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wood shelves and glass shelves, and also when one is better than the other. Wood Shelves Almost all… Read More »

House Cleaning Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

Between work, cooking, cleaning, shopping and taking care of the kids there’s so much to do and not enough time in the day. If only there was a way to extend the day by a couple hours. Unfortunately that’s not possible (yet!), but there are some shortcuts you can take to be more efficient and… Read More »

Refrigeration Maintenance, Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Most refrigerators and walk-ins seem virtually indestructible and problem free, but you’ll get longer life out of yours by following these safety and maintenance tips. Clean the door gaskets and hinges regularly. The door gaskets, made of rubber, can rot more easily if they are caked with food or grime, which weakens their sealing properties.… Read More »

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Travel Mug

A stainless steel travel mug is a good investment because a quality mug can last for many years. When you have that favorite cup and carry it every day, you rapidly become attached to it and needing to find a different mug seems like abandoning an old friend. The trouble is that your old friend… Read More »

Avoid Common Mistakes With Chia Seeds

Due to the many wonderful things you have heard about them, you may be eager to buy chia seeds. However, you need to be very careful with that process so you can avoid common mistakes. There are products out there that lack overall quality and some are merely a scam to get your money due… Read More »

How Long Does it Take For Male Enhancement Pills to Work?

It is a fair question to ask, “how long does it take for male enhancement pills to work?” However, this can be a loaded question because it depends on the ingredients put into the pill as well as the quality of the ingredients.  And, you need to understand what male enhancement pills were invented  to… Read More »

Pros And Cons of Using Microfiber Towels

The invention of microfiber brought a revolution in the market few years back. Microfiber towels were successfully launched for cleaning and dusting. Microfiber towels even proved useful to clean oil stains. Right from its inception, this fiber was considered to be far more superior to other fibers available in the market. Microfiber is not only… Read More »

Frozen Meals – Can Be High Quality

Frozen food can be even more nutritious than supposedly fresh produce in a supermarket, a new study has found. Most of the fruit and veg found in the freezer, things like peas, are frozen very soon after harvest, so preserving the levels of vitamins and minerals. However, the long delays in getting fresh food from… Read More »