Food Poisoning and Specific Ways to Handle It

Food poisoning occurs when a person takes in food contaminated simply by bacteria, parasites or even virus. It may also happen whenever one eats meals that are not really ready, prepared or foods that are usually not handled properly during the process of preparing them. Symptoms of food poisoning After a person consumes poisoned foods,… Read More »

Factors To Remember While Gifting A Watch To Your Girl

Gift shopping gets challenging and daunting, especially when it is for your girl. Wrist watches are often the most preferred gift, but involves some serious contemplation on the color, shape, size and other factors. You know she describes nothing but the best for the oodles of love she tenders you to. Surprise her with the… Read More »

How To Start A Business From Scratch

If I were to start a business from scratch today, the first place I would start is not with what form my business should take. Everything in business should flow from one place: the customer. What the customer wants, how much he or she is willing to pay, how we will solve the customer's problem,… Read More »

The Many Family Troubles

At the small open space by the kitchen in their backyard, Mrs. Ego Eleke pounded grains of beans in a wooden mortar. She had been on the task long enough that the early-morning Akokwa village sun rays had kept up with her. As her mind bought whom to blame for the tedious labor, Eddie came… Read More »

Must Have Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Designs

There are two very important options that should be considered in every large kitchen pantry cabinet design. Although these options may initially cost a little extra, they will be well worth having and will add a particular amount of resale value to your home. I've been fabricating custom cabinetry for many years. Hands down, these… Read More »

Knife Safety in the Kitchen

Most people do not know the proper way to handle a knife, whether it be in the kitchen or some other everyday use. I have worked in a kitchen as a chef for 25 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how carelessly people handle a knife; one of the most used and… Read More »

Wok this Way! (Part 4 of 5) Cleaning and Caring for Your Wok

Non-stick woks do not require seasoning, and come with simple cleaning instructions from the manufacturers, while steel carbon and iron woks require seasoning. Cleaning a seasoned wok is a lot different than a non-stick wok, and this is what we will cover here. We will start with an important reminder: Do NOT use a steel… Read More »

Essential Equipments That You Need For Your Kitchen

1. The equipments for grill. For seafood lovers, any kind of seafood such as shrimps, crabs or squids, etc. There are some thing that you should know about grilling equipments, that is, the materials they are made from has ability to absorb and keep the heat, then affects to the time of cooking become faster.… Read More »

Orangery Designs

Once you have decided that you are going to build an orangery onto your house, you must decide on the design. When it comes to orangery designs, there are actually quite a few. Making the right choice can be tricky, because it should ideally match the look and feel of your existing building. This means… Read More »

Pesticides on Fruits and Veggies

The teenage daughter of a friend of mine was babysitting for my child for the first time. Before I left the house, I told her to please feel free to help herself to any food she wanted in my refrigerator or pantry. The next day I touched base with her mom, who said all went… Read More »